Complaint Center


If the actions of  this agency or our agents leave you with concerns, please address our management with your concerns and we will do our best to resolve the issue in a  timely manner. We appreciate every opportunity to rectify any problems that might arise. A formal complaint may not be necessary to resolve your issues, but it is always an option for you.


If you wish to file a complaint, you may:

Notice: Please remember that Recovery Columbus, Inc., nor it’s agents. have made any decisions as to why your collateral was repossessed. The decision to repossess is upon the discretion of your financial lender or the lien holder on the account.

(A) File with Recovery Columbus, Inc., by filing a complaint directly with us following the instructions below. This is probably your fastest, and best way, to a satisfactory resolution.

(B) You may also email our Complaint Director directly here:

(C) You may also file a complaint with your financial institution  which ordered and directed the repossession and recovery of your collateral.


Please download the RCI complaint form by clicking the button below and completely fill out the form.


Please gather any and all pertinent documents that you have in regards to your complaint, including any photos, police reports or statements.

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STEP 3 :

Please take your completed form and all supporting documents and photographs and send them to Recovery Columbus, Inc. by:

(706) 689-9999